Transaction-Based Protection: The Future of Web3 Security

Web3's radical shift demands an agile, self-learning defense against the rapidly evolving threat landscape. Polyzoa steps up to provide sharp, innovative, and real-time security solutions for decentralized finance.
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Dynamic Threat Protection from:
Phishing attacks
Wallet Drainers
Poisoning attacks
Scam tokens
Risky smart contract interaction
How it works:
Polyzoa currently works with the Ethereum blockchain and major L2 EVM chains.
  • Connect any wallet or web3 address instantly
    Setup takes only 3 seconds and you'll be protected from the moment you connect your wallet or address.
  • Stay alerted
    Immediate Notifications for High-Risk Activity Detection! Polyzoa detects harmful ERC-20 or NFT tokens, as well as scammer addresses using normal tokens.
  • Prevent scams before they happen
    Check any address against existing scam types or criminal activities with Polyzoa. By default, it analyzes every transaction and flags any suspicious activity to prevent potential scams or fraud.
Easy to install and connect browser extension will monitor and protect your wallet from constantly evolving scammer attacks and tricks
  1. Powered by Polyzoa ML system
  2. Any wallet compatibility
  3. Multiple blockchain support
  4. Proactive threat alerting and blocking
Bulletproof protection for your wallet

Join the movement against scammers
  • By using Polyzoa, you not only help the crypto community eliminate scammers and criminals, but you also become part of a larger effort to create a safer and more secure environment for everyone involved in the world of cryptocurrency.
  • Our core ML engine is designed to learn from every scam address that is detected, and the more data we have, the more effective our engine becomes in detecting and preventing future scams.
  • By joining our platform, you are contributing to this educational power, and helping us to build a stronger, more resilient network of users who are committed to making the world of cryptocurrency a better place.
  • 20+ scam types in the roadmap
    We are continuously monitoring new scam methods and developing technology to safeguard you against them.
  • 10+ years of experience
    Being blockchain and ML pioneers we have developed and improved industry standards for years
  • 30 000+ labeled scam addresses
    We use an extensive datasets for our ML engine to enable the highest recall and precision.
Polyzoa Graph Neural Network (GNN) technology, based on rigorous scientific research, leads the charge in real-time threat detection, safeguarding against scam addresses within the dynamic web3 environment.
Cutting-Edge Threat Detection Technology
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