Ahead-of-Time Scam Protection for Web3 Wallets and DeFi
Discover the Future of Cybersecurity with Polyzoa - Experience it for Yourself!
Constantly Evolving to Recognize Known and Unknown Threats
Polyzoa is not limited to identifying publicly known threats. Our advanced technology constantly evolves to detect newly created or previously unknown threats, ensuring proactive protection for our users and DAPPs.
How it works:
Polyzoa currently works with the Ethereum blockchain and all ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.
  • Connect any wallet or web3 address instantly
    Setup takes only 3 seconds and you'll be protected from the moment you connect your wallet or address.
  • Stay alerted
    Immediate Notifications for High-Risk Activity Detection! Polyzoa detects harmful ERC-20 or NFT tokens, as well as scammer addresses using normal tokens.
  • Prevent scams before they happen
    Check any address against existing scam types or criminal activities with Polyzoa. By default, it analyzes every transaction and flags any suspicious activity to prevent potential scams or fraud.
Polyzoa is a powerful technology wrapped in an easy-to-use browser extension

  • Real-time cyber threat detection
  • Analyses your incoming and outgoing transactions to identify any potential threats.
  • Prioritises your privacy: our extension is fully anonymous, using only open blockchain data.
Cyber Shield for your Crypto Wallet!

  • 20+ scam types in the roadmap
    We are continuously monitoring new scam methods and developing technology to safeguard you against them.
  • 10+ years of experience
    Being blockchain and ML pioneers we have developed and improved industry standards for years
  • 30 000+ labeled scam addresses
    We use an extensive datasets for our ML engine to enable the highest recall and precision.
Join the movement against scammers
  • By using Polyzoa, you not only help the crypto community eliminate scammers and criminals, but you also become part of a larger effort to create a safer and more secure environment for everyone involved in the world of cryptocurrency.
  • Our core ML engine is designed to learn from every scam address that is detected, and the more data we have, the more effective our engine becomes in detecting and preventing future scams.
  • By joining our platform, you are contributing to this educational power, and helping us to build a stronger, more resilient network of users who are committed to making the world of cryptocurrency a better place.
Polyzoa is a decentralised solution that uses tokens as fuel. The more efficient it is, the greater the value of Polyzoa tokens will be. As a player in the decentralised economy, Polyzoa rewards everyone who brings value and makes the solution more effective and robust.
By submitting scam cases through an easy-to-use form in a Chrome extension, you can help train our engine. In return, Polyzoa will reward you with tokens.
Earn tokens by making an impact

Our vision
We believe that the fight against cyber criminals should be a community-driven and decentralized effort. At Polyzoa, our unwavering goal is to build a decentralized tool that enable ultimate blockchain protection for everyday users. By relentlessly pursuing this goal, we are committed to creating a space free from criminal activities, where casual users can engage with complete peace of mind.
And mission
At our company, we are taking scam protection and prediction to the next level with our cutting-edge machine learning tool. By leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, we revolutionize the industry and help to make the web3 space a safer and more trustworthy environment for all users.With Polyzoa, all wallet customers and DApp developers can be confident in their security and feel assured that their transactions are safe from any malicious intent.
Polyzoa innovations
Polyzoa is a machine learning-based solution that constantly scans blockchain networks and screens millions of addresses. We use dozens of parameters for risk assessment and scan identification. Polyzoa is the first to learn about new scam methods from many information sources and thousands of customer reports. We ensure that once a scam happens to one of the Polyzoa users, it never happens to others.
Polyzoa's ML engine is a unique technology capable of recognizing patterns in fraudulent behavior and detecting new scammer addresses that have not been used or recognized yet.
Polyzoa aims to stay ahead of any fraudulent activity and warn you in advance.
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