Trustless Security for a Decentralised Economy
Polyzoa is a risk oracle that transforms Web3 security into a positive-sum game by leveraging the network effect and consensus-based threat prevention.
Trusted by top blockchain infrastructure providers
Smart Contract-Level Risk Logic

Incorporate security logic and flexible risk thresholds directly into smart contract execution. Block fraud, money laundering, or other malicious transactions purely on-chain, without disrupting transaction execution or needing to call the backend.

Catch bad actors before they cause harm
Be the first to detect threats before they become visible
Phishing attacks
Money Laundering
Blacklisted entities
Address poisoning
Social Engineering Scam
Security Intelligence API
It provides real-time address checks and insights to identify emerging threats. Not only does it check against all known blacklists, but it also proactively analyzes the on-chain behaviour of every address and matches it with known scam patterns to catch threats early on—all in milliseconds.
Join the movement against scammers
Science-based detection trained on 100,000 malicious addresses
Up to a 90% detection rate for previously unseen threats
Early threat detection, even amid data scarcity
Risk Oracle Protocol
Polyzoa redefines threat analysis with no single point of failure, utilizing a consensus layer that unites the ecosystem to assess risks collectively. By rewarding contributions and enforcing strict penalties, it guards against manipulation, guaranteeing unbiased, validated risk assessments at the speed of on-chain transactions.
Safeguarding Ethereum ecosystem
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Take full control over your user security
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